b'14SERIESDoubleOmbreSelf TieLong Tie OnlyOmbre n.A French term mean- BLACK CHARCOAL SILVERWHITE IVORY CHAMPAGNE TAUPE CHOCOLATEing shaded.Usually14BLKL 14CHARL 14SLVL 14WHTL 14IVYL 14CHAML 14TAUPL 14CHOCLa multi-colored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark.The color effect is woven into the fabric. TANGERINE PEACH CANARY PISTACHIO POOLMALIBU LILAC WATERMELON14TANGL 14PCHL 14CANRL 14PSTCL 14POOLL 14MALIL 14LILCL 14WATRLSELF TIE182 TIES'