b'TTrim FitA E G HA balanced fit that gives a trim lookDwithout excessive pulling or bagginess.A.The shoulderB F.The back is relatively flat withH. Vest covers the is square and theslight pull waist band of the sleeve is trim withpants and is fitted with minimal pulling G. Proper fit under the arm thatminimal pullingallows for comfortB. Suppression of the waist showing slight pulling at theCbutton D.Slight buckle of the C.The pant legs arelapel I Jtrim with minimalE.The shoulder is square pulling with no crease or sag CI.The pantsJ. The pants bottom is smallerpockets are lying and requires aflat and there is shorter outseamminimal pulling measurement across the hip areaS E F GSkinnyFit A HDA very tight and shorter fit that emphasizes pulling and wrinkles associated with high fashion and providesB F. The back will show slight toH. Vest will be shorter the least comfort.moderate pull and may expose the A.The shoulder isG.Under arm will be tight andwaist band of the pants.under sized, creatingshow no fullness Will show pulling at the a bulge past thebuttons sleeve cap.The sleeve is very trimCwith noticeableD.Prominent buckle of pulling the lapel I JB.Suppression ofE.The shoulder is bulging the waist showingwhich may cause creasingpronounced pullingCat the buttonC.The pant legs areI.The pantsJ.The pants tight with pulling,bottom is muchpockets are pocket bags showing smaller andstretched and will not coverwill not lay flat. the shoe.AThere is pulling shorter outseamacross the hipTYPES OF FIT 199measurement area'