b'Our suits offer modern stylingBlack Three-Steel Grey Three-in a notch lapel and two buttonPiece Suit Piece Suitfront, retail sleeve detail. They Modern FitModern Fit 2 Button2 Buttonfeature well-finished upper Notch LapelNotch Lapelarmholes for added comfort and Side VentedSide Ventedmovement and side vents. Poly-Viscose Poly-ViscoseNested with 6 dropNested with 6 dropTrousers are plain frontCPV99BLK CPV99STLand lined to the knee for added comfort. All three piece suits are nested with a 6 drop.T I YU BSize Chart34-66R34-54S38-62LAll Suits Include Matching VestPURCHASEITEMSWhite Micro Fiber Ivory Micro Fiber Black Micro FiberLaydown Collar Laydown Collar Laydown Collar TRIM FIT TRIM FIT TRIM FIT White Micro FiberSizes SM - 4XSizes SM - 4XSizes SM - 4XLaydown CollarSH137SH137IVYSH137BLK10Sizes SM - 4XSH134'