b'ENVIRONMENTALLYRESPONSIBLEFORMALWEARAccording to the EPA, Americans are throwing away 16 million tons of textiles every year, mostly clothing. That averages to about 70 pounds of clothing per person ending up in landfills.Part of the problem is fast fashion practices. Stores that offer cheap options for the latest trends, with con-stant shipments coming in. When those trends dont sell, companies throw out merchandise, often damaging it, so it cannot be worn. And while these questionable prac-tices have been brought to light, the fact remains that stores are still engaging in them.With only 15% of all reusable textile being recycled, Sarno and Son is committing itself to sustainable fashion: Weofferhigh-qualitygarmentsthatdontgooutofstyleinafewweeksWecleanlargelotswithenvironmentallysoundpracticestocutdownonwasteandenergyuseOurfleetofvehiclesonlydeliverwhenstoresordermerchandiseWedonateouroldstylestonon-profitorganizationsWerecycleourpackingmaterials,includinggarmentbags For less than the price of purchasing a suit or tuxedo, you can rent a great-looking outfit that wont sit in your closet until you throw it away. And after your event, someone else can wear that same great-looking outfit. Help us help the planet.Info graphic courtesy of weardonaterecycle.org'